Grief Workshop

Grief Workshop

Beyond Grief & Loss Workshop

Understanding Death & Dying is One of the Most Important Parts of Living

Designed to ensure you are not being held back from living a fulfilling life, that allows you to maximize your human potential. Grief and loss can occupy time and mental space in your mind, costing years of your wealth and health.  

Grief & Loss Workshop

Dissolve the emotional charge of grief and loss. This is a group workshop, where you'll have an opportunity to do private work in an environment to see and experience the transformation.

$435.00 USD Per Person


An advanced methodology for breaking through the grief and loss that you'll be able to utilize for the loss of a loved one, pet, business deal, money, or health. Just as energy can't be created nor destroyed it only changes form, and you'll get to experience that first hand. As the only condition love has is the limit you place on it. People can grieve for weeks, months, years to even decades.

Prolonged grief has devastating effects on your physical & mental health, not to mention the financial and family impact. You have the option to prevent these aging effects and health consequences, by balancing the perceptions of your loss to dissolve grief.  You will experience a profound sense of appreciation, love, and gratitude to help bring you presence, poise, and certainty into your life.

The masters live in the understanding the only constant is change and transformation, while the masses live in a world of gains and losses, in the illusion of permanence. You will experience a great sense of unconditional love and appreciation when you see that nothing in life is ever lost, it only changes form. And that the greatest form of love is unconditional love, a timeless experience of appreciation.

This is a transformative weekend experience if are or have faced a loss of a loved one, pet, business, money, or anything else as the principles towards experiencing love & gratitude are timeless and universal toward seeing the unseen.  We look forward to assisting you to dissolve the grief and loss you are now perceiving as this will be one the greatest gifts of love you can give to someone and yourself.

Delivered in partnership with the Advanced-Potential Insititute

Govern Your Perceptions - Transform the Denial of Death

Any fears or fantasies, pains, or discomfort, that you carry with you from death, grief, and loss,  ultimately prevent you from appreciating the past and moving forward. It is wisdom to address the perceptions of past experiences and future fears so you can govern your unconscious intentions. We will take you through a process to ensure that your biggest emotions around the death of a loved one, or pet, loss of money, health, and relationship are transformed so that you can regain control of your life and relationships.

The Workshop Overview

If you miss out on seeing the conservation of human traits you miss out on the divine perfection this experience was meant to give you

Discover Universal Principles

Nothing is ever missing, and we'll show the conservation of energy is also the conservation of human traits and behaviour. Just as energy can't be created nor destroyed, human traits are conserved through time and space through the law of the one & many.

  1. See that nothing is ever missing
  2. Experience unconditional love
  3. Overcoming the challenges every couple faces

Transform Your Mindset

Amar and Carly have created this workshop to take you through time-proven steps to will ensure that you begin to expand your journey to transform grief and loss to create and build on your family wealth and health, toward becoming influential leaders in your community and the world.

"Working on my mother that passed away, it's something I held back mentally but once I brought it to the surface, it created new insights and perceptions of the world that is beautiful. Just gratitude."
- Andrew Fisher


Love is the most powerful force in the universe, but only when it's unconditional. Not under the condition in the shape, way and form you see fit.