Grief & Loss Services

Grief & Loss Services

Group Workshops + 1-on-1 Consultations

Breakthrough and dissolve the grief and loss of something and someone you loved. The grieving process doesn't have to last weeks, months, years to even decades. Prolonged grief has devastating effects on your physical & mental health, not to mention the financial and family impact. You have a choice to prevent these aging effects and health consequences, by balancing the perceptions of your loss to dissolve grief.

Just as energy can't be created nor destroyed, it changes shape and form. Your grief session is designed for you to experience a profound sense of appreciation, love and gratitude to help you bring poise, presence and certainty into your life during a difficult period.

It's often stated that the masters understand that the only constant is change and transformation, while the masses live in a world of highs and lows, ups and downs, gains and losses. Once you experience that nothing in life is ever lost, like the laws of thermodynamics of energy. It only changes form. That experience is the greatest form of love, unconditional love, timeless, spaceless and ever-lasting. Instead of having your loved one occupy space in your mind, time to put them in your heart.

You now have the ability to dissolve grief in hours, not weeks, months, years or decades.

During your consultation, you will balance your perceptions and see how this once-perceived loss has transformed into a new form leaving you with an ever-lasting sense of gratitude and connection that allows you to live with the meaning they would desire for you.

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you'll see this methodology can be applied later in life to business deals, money, relationships or anything else, this consultation will help you dissolve the grief and loss you are now perceiving.

Greif Consultations

Bereavement Session

Grief & Loss Workshop

Dissolve the emotional charge of grief and loss. This is a group workshop, where you'll have an opportunity to do private work in an environment to see and experience the transformation.

$549.99 USD

Program Scheudle & Details

1-on-1 Grief & Loss Consultation

Private consultation for those who want to dissolve the emotional charge of grief and loss from the privacy and comfort of their own home. 

$1,295.00 USD

Setup a 1-on-1 Appointment
"Working on my mother that passed away, it's something I held back mentally but once I brought it to the surface, it created new insights and perceptions of the world that is beautiful. Just gratitude."
- Andrew Fisher

Virtual Accessible & Personalized Care

  • Conveniently book online from anywhere in the world without lengthy waits
  • Easy and automatic notifications for your booking (SMS & Email)
  • Private video calls on zoom from the privacy of your home
  • Dissolve grief in hours, not months, years or decades
  • Creating a healthier future together by reimagining the way grief is processed, delivered and experienced
Youth Scholarship: Are you 18 and under, and have lost both parents? Apply to the scholarship here. Life sometimes throws extenuating circumstances at us, if we can help please apply.