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What we are creating is unique and it's addresses the challenge that has and will be faced by every single human who has ever lived and will live on our plant and beyond; Death, grief & loss.

Fear, anxiety and lack of understating of death has plagued humanity as one of the greatest problems yet few individuals have been willing to pursue a body of knowledge to assist others in their own understanding and experience of it. What we've begun doing is trying to accomplish something that unifies all people. When others understand the impact of our work they'll also  know how profound it is. It will find a sustainable model to reach every human being on the planet because everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are, regardless of their age, gender or belief system. Love is universal, and the most universal force has the ability to unit the living and with memory of the past great appreciate and gratitude for life. At any given moment there are millions of individuals who are struggling with finding can't find each other when this thing finally finds its home . When they do, it will transform and change the culture of how humans experiences grief and loss, and how many times in your life do you have opportunities to do such a thing?  That's what this is...




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