Private Grief Consultations & Live Community Workshops

Private Grief Consultations & Live Community Workshops
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We're working diligently behind the sense to create community platform to tackle grief and loss for you. We are looking to launch on March 15th 2023, and are building out the infrastructure.

Griefopedia Purpose

Assisting individuals through grief & loss to experience a transformative version of unconditional love without the pain, but with the gratitude & appreciation for their life, so you can live yours.

Dedicated to getting you and your loved ones through grief, to experience the greatest form of love, unconditional love.  As the universal law of thermodynamics states, energy cannot be created or nor destroyed, it changes shape and changes form. You'll get an opportunity to experience this from the heart.

Prolonging the grief process can cost years and decades off your health, wealth and relationships and feeling the loss of the sense of purpose.  

"It's so emotionally hard, like a horrible ground hogs day on repeat, taking years off my life and I don't feel like I'm getting any closer and don't want to forget him."  

Society has injected a grief model on us, and the greatest gift you can give your self and your loved one is to love them and yourself unconditionally.  They would want you to live well intentioned life.

Just as everyone wants to be loved for who and what they are. We're changing the paradigm of grief and loss, so you can experience the most powerful words leaving your lips,"thank you, I love you." That's when we know you've had a breakthrough.

Griefopedia Mission

Reimagining how the world discovers and learns about death & dying to inspire curiosity and confidence to manage every aspect of grief & loss throughout life, and to ensure that all people can engage more deeply with themselves and their loved ones to experience the timeless power of unconditional love.

Griefopedia Vision

Accelerating the conscious evolution of how humanity experiences change and transformation, grief & loss.

Your likely here because someone recommended you and we're going to do whatever it takes to assist you, so you can someone else after you experience the other side of grief.

Join Us & Find Your Answers

A transformative timeless approach to dissolving grief in hours, not weeks, months, years or decades.

Grief Workshop
Beyond Grief & Loss Workshop Understanding Death & Dying is One of the Most Important Parts of Living Designed to ensure you are not being held back from living a fulfilling life, that allows you to maximize your human potential. Grief and loss can occupy time and mental space in your mind,
1-on-1 Grief Consultation
Schedule an Appointment Griefopedia has curated the most advanced methodology for breaking through the grief and loss of a loved one, pet, business deal, money, or health. The grieving process varies in length of time and can extend from weeks, months, years to even decades. Prolonged grief has dev…